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600+ clients trust us with their brands

Our work with our clients speaks for itself. For more than 25 years IDP has been working on branding and communication strategy for organisations in every sector, using innovative 360° techniques.

Many of our clients have been with us for several years. That they have trusted us for so long is satisfying and encouraging.

Tango Fibre campaign


A fun, colourful 360° campaign featured a T-Rex as the ambassador for the launch of the new Tango Fibre offer.

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A major reworking featured a move toward responsive design, and the complete architectural restructuring of the site. The result was easier navigation and simplified access to information.

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PwC's Academy

We were asked to create a new visual identity while respecting PwC’s brand guidelines. This featured the creation of several promotional and communication tools using this new style.

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Pension campaign


A 360° campaign raised awareness among employees and the self-employed about the need to prepare for retirement.

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Web site & Print design

Royal Hamilius

A 360°approach saw the creation of a website that serves as an interactive shop window, and the place to publish several high-end promotional brochures.

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“Délices” brochure


We took care of the art direction and copywriting for Oberweis’ “Délices” magazine, and their brochures for St Valentines, Easter and Mothers Day.

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campagne Arendt & Medernach

Exploration campaign

Arendt Business Advisory

This inspired and inspirational new collaboration received the Silver prize in the Media Awards 2018 “B2B press” category.

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Web Site

Union of Luxembourg Pharmacists

This upgrade featured a graphical redesign, highlighting out-of-hours pharmacy services, and making the site easy to update and personalise.

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Keyprivate campaign

Keytrade Bank Luxembourg

A 360° campaign was used to launch Luxembourg’s first robo financial advisor to the general public.

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Housing loan campaign


An original and humorous 360° campaign animated by social media hashtags.

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