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The Luxemburger Wort remains the leading daily newspaper in Luxembourg in terms of the number of readers via its digital and traditional platforms. In fact, the “Wort” has long been banking on digital to consolidate and even develop its readership.


This new campaign, entrusted to ID+P, presents it as a creative and inspiring media. Programmed in two phases, here is the first part, a spot aimed at the 20-30 year old target group, young dynamic people who want information without blah blah blah, available everywhere, at any time and on their favorite media, smartphone first!

Matmaachen, matgestalten, matbestëmmen, einfach matschwätzen

 Matmaachen, matgestalten, matbestëmmen, einfach matschwätzen, these four expressions sum up the concept of this campaign, which is divided into two phases with two distinct spots aimed at two different targets.

This campaign, the first phase of which is currently being broadcast, initially on social networks, on and on the media of the “Wort”, brings a real breath of fresh air to the media sector. The second phase, scheduled for November, will follow the momentum of the first. The consumer is carried away by the rhythm of the spots, the colours, the voices, the messages, the music, the characters…

This campaign is a big step forward for Luxembourg’s leading daily newspaper, which no longer hesitates to invest fully in enlightened, contemporary, and visionary communication.


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