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easyPROTECT LALUX Assurances

Because LALUX is not doing half the job, the new campaign of easyPROTECT products, the most complete insurance goes in this direction. The idea: why settle for half insurance?


The concept of the campaign created by Ierace Dechmann + Partners, takes the opposite of this promise by playing the absurd through half objects. Posters, banners, advertisements, video and radio spots give a modern and humorous image to Luxembourg’s leading insurer.


The campaign started with a spot and announcements about the full insurance for your vehicle.

You don’t buy half a car. Why settle for half insurance?


ID+P’s mission: to promote a modern image of Luxembourg’s leading insurer, LALUX Assurances. The campaign gives it a sympathetic image and close to the public thanks to a product presented with a sense of humour.

Several multilingual Radio spots

For the radio spots, adapted in the common languages of the country, the ID+P creative team chose scenes from everyday life to illustrate the idea that things done halfway do not bring anything good. Half insurance is worthless. The different life scenes show that the insurer is close to its clients. The stories selected are for example half gifts, half wedding proposals, half fairy tales for children.

Shooting of several video spots

As with radio spots, the videos follow the same logic and start from the same concept. Illustrate that the half “something” leads to nothing. Always in a humorous mood and with professional actors, the videos are fun and well played. The half car, the half house, the half tan, the half tan, the half…


An all-in-one contract


easyPROTECT brings together all the main insurances in a single contract. The subscriber has a clear and precise overview of his insurance coverage, whether for his home, his civil liability or his personal cars. The complete spot gathers different scenes from everyday life always in a humorous manner.

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