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Service National
de la Jeunesse

Kannerpräis 2024

The “Kannerpräis” is a new initiative of the National Youth Service. The SNJ asked us to create a graphic universe for the project.

For this first edition, we came up with a visual identity, then suggested names to define the competition categories and groups of children.

The agency developed a website based on the graphic charter and an alphabet revisited and adapted to this world of “Mini-Heroes”. The site is available in French and Luxembourgish.

We’re also handling the strategy for promoting the project and the call for projects to education and childcare services, such as crèches and maisons relais.

What is “Kannerpräis”?

Its aim is to promote projects carried out with children by education and care services.

The projects must be in the field of non-formal education and the children must be actively involved.

There will be two winners in each of the four categories, arbitrated by a panel of experts as well as a panel of children.

Info & registration

If you’ve done some great projects with children, whether in a crèche, in a maison relais or with a parent’s assistant, then come and take part in the “Kannerpräis”.

– The Mini-Helden if your project was carried out with children

aged 0 to 4.

– Heroes (Helden) if your project involves children

aged 4 to 12.

There are four categories for the "Kannerpräis 2024".

The four categories represent the diversity of educational projects offered to children by “early childhood” professionals.

With different themes such as nature and the environment, education, and citizenship, linguistic or cultural diversity and
finally food and sport.

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