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Travel in time with the Tango Fibre campaign

Telephony operator Tango wanted a creative, off-beat 360° campaign for the launch of their Tango Fibre offering. The concept and messaging needed to work on every medium: TV, radio, print, web, banners, and social media.

Aimed at the general public, this campaign highlighted Tango Fibre’s innovativeness, accessibility, and speed.

Ambassador T-Rex

The concept centred on “Flash”, Tango Fibre’s dinosaur ambassador.

The theme of digitalised prehistory featured throughout this campaign. It referred to both the slowness of early internet connections, and arcade video games from the 1980s.

The friendly T-Rex “Flash” is shown with a rocket which represents speed and moving to modernity. With its vintage feel, this design appealed to its target market of people aged 30-40 years.

An interactive mini-site in campaign colours

An interactive mini-site in campaign colours presented the service in a clear, detailed fashion, with Flash popping up across the interface. If featured a configuration tool that enabled users to check their eligibility instantly by simply entering their postcode.

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“Flash to the future“ game

This addictive arcade game was developed in javascript using the Cocos Creator software. It brought further life to the campaign by boosting interaction with users.

Generate leads

The dedicated landing page for the game introduces the competition and asks players to enter their personal details. Users are then invited to win one of the several prizes on offer.

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“Flash“ to the fore

All of Tango’s retail outlets featured Flash throughout the campaign.

A creative, fun, colourful concept

This creative, fun, vividly coloured concept is a sharp departure from classical approaches. It helped Tango stand out as a challenger to the status quo. Using a playful, bright approach brought a clear message to this complex subject.

It was a memorable campaign that helped build goodwill for the brand, largely thanks to the attractive, memorable Flash character who featured throughout.

Average usual


memorisation achieved

A 50% memorisation rate was achieved, a figure well above the standard 30% average.

Immediate attribution


among 25-34 years age group

The poster campaign achieved 89% brand awareness, rising to 93% for 25-34 year olds, and 91% for those aged 35-44 years. Source: Decaux

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