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Branding and rebranding: our favourite game

We love creating or reinventing brands to make them unique and impactful. We tackle the challenge of branding strategy by studying how your firm’s identity is positioned, and the objectives and targets to be reached. We get to know your brand territory to help create the distinctive markers for your visual identity.

We work to create a coherent brand universe, which is rich and instantly recognisable by all. We do this to increase the attractiveness of your brand in a sustainable fashion.

logo adba


A strong logo is central to your visual identity.

It embodies your values and ambitions, enabling your area of expertise to be identified and understood immediately.

Black and white or in colour, large or small format, close up or from far, it must be easy to see and read on every communication tool.

As well as the logo, your visual identity is articulated through several formats, colours, typefaces, illustrations and photos.
From letterheads to business cards, from the website to the brochure, from packaging to how your vehicles look… We will represent your visual identity in a coherent, homogenous fashion across all the ways you seek to communicate.

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