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Ethenea challenged us to create a communication concept that could be adapted to their image and product campaigns, to convey their different values by multiplying the messages in different languages. Our mission was to create strong B2B messages, using the red thread represented by the elephant, the company’s emblem.

We wanted to convey Ethenea’s attitude as an independent investment fund. Regardless of what the competition is doing, Ethenea follows its values, trusts its expertise and acts responsibly.

Image campaign

Our solution was to use the elephant to reinforce brand recognition, combined with a meaningful message, embodying Ethenea’s values.

The scope of the campaign spanned Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. We developed agile messages on evocative and allegorical visuals. Each image required a huge amount of work, amalgamating various photographs to build the final visual.

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