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LOSCH Brand Campaign

LOSCH launches its new brand campaign created by the ID+P. A campaign whose main element is a “brand video” that perfectly summarises the new ambitions of the LOSCH group in Luxembourg.

The automotive group is broadening its fields of application from “cars” to other “life experiences”.

It will present itself as a service provider for everything that concerns the mobility of the ‘future’.

"We are moving forward, developing the electrical and digital services of the future.”

LOSCH wishes to consolidate the trust that the group enjoys in Luxembourg, to continue to fascinate its clients and to show its relevance within Luxembourg society. Especially as these new activities are so far unheard for an automotive group.

In the new “brand video” LOSCH succeeds, in an automotive context, in dynamically integrating the other target areas and manages to achieve an optimal mix between what the customer knows and what he will discover in the years to come. In this sense, the “brand video” presents the ambitious future of the LOSCH Group in Luxembourg.

The group is modernising and facing up to the challenges of the future, it is diversifying, but based on what it knows best: mobility. The customer will certainly be sensitive to this; aiming for the future without denying the achievements of the present.

In addition to the creation, the ID+P team organised the filming of the video. The objective was to produce a spot in a Luxembourg version. Four shorter versions were created in the country’s usual languages with the same slogan: “D’Zukunft ass elo! L’avenir c’est maintenant ! Die Zukunft ist jetzt! The future is now! “


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