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CREAHAUS rebranding website

CREAHAUS called upon ID+P for the rebranding of its website.
CREAHAUS’s new website had to be easy to use and ergonomic. Moreover, it had to be accessible in the usual languages of the country.

The particularity and the primary criterion of a construction and real estate development site is to be permanently updated in order to facilitate the management of the properties. This is to meet the needs of Internet users looking for their future housing.


A particularity of the CREAHAUS site is that it is dominated by the colour black, which makes it elegant but also differentiates it profoundly from other competitor sites. The contrast with this dark colour allows to enhance the overall value of the site’s content.

The software APIMO

The CREAHAUS site is equipped with the APIMO software, which offers a 100% web-based solution for the daily management of a real estate agency. Its strengths are, among others, ease of use, its very complete interface and its multilingual management. In addition, it allows a regular and quick update of the different offers on the site.

Thanks to powerful algorithms, the gateway allows the cross-referencing of products and the criteria of future buyers. This solution allows a quick and unique entry of sales agents to update the database. These advanced technologies make this site an optimized tool that allows the connection with modern electronic messaging applications.

Responsive site

Consultation on smartphone
The increase in mobile traffic means that a website alone is no longer enough! From now on, your website must be ideally adapted to mobile use, otherwise you risk losing most of its audience. The new CREAHAUS website has therefore been optimised in this respect. This means that you can consult it at any time and from anywhere.

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