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Luxembourg School of Religion & Society (LSRS)

The Luxembourg School of Religion & Society (LSRS) mandated ID+P to develop its new visual identity. Following a strategic workshop on the LSRS brand, its values, objectives, and positioning were determined.

A Brand Book was created as a cornerstone for the creation of the logo and the development of a consistent communication for all media.

The Brand Book contains strategic and conceptual guidelines for a coherent long-term brand deployment.

The slogan ‘Knowledge by Passion’ sums up the dynamic orientation of the LSRS and positions it as an innovative and globally oriented institution. Its values are also expressed in its new visual identity.

Knowledge by Passion

The four letters of the LSRS acronym are placed in the logo to form a coat of arms. This traditional element is combined with contemporary sans serif typography to give the logo a dynamic look, symbolising the alternation between tradition and modernity. The vibrant colour code of red and purple also helps to underline this strength.

A new visual language was developed, characterised by a warm, human touch on all business stationery. The new website has also been realised according to these new design guidelines to achieve a comprehensive, strong, and harmonised communication.

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