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rak epic cover rak epic cover

RAK epic

Travel inspires the concept behind the brochure highlighting RAK’s epic range. We all make new discoveries and learn when we travel, and ID+P puts RAK’s epic organic porcelain in this context.

This catalogue needs to be attractive to chefs around the world to help RAK with their global sales drive. It does this by highlighting the varied new products conceived by RAK.

Rak epic

Inspirational tableware

Images taken using “macro-photography” highlight the porcelain’s originality and beauty.

rak epic

The vibrant blaze of a heart

Emphasising these unique creations, materials and forms enables readers to feel how RAK’s epic range works in partnership with gastronomic creativity. The effect is unique, with the images showing how dishes can become impressive “culinary landscapes”.

A world of its own

The overall effect creates a new world ripe for discovery. Food-lovers are invited on an enchanting taste-adventure, with RAK’s originality a key part of this attractive environment.

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