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TANGO Fibre - WiFi 6

For chatting, surfing and streaming as much as you like, from the cellar to the roof, all at the same time and in the same household. Over the past few years, digitalization has accelerated in all areas of our daily lives.

We now appreciate the flexibility of being able to do everything online, from the office to sport, cooking and, of course, entertainment, music, TV and gaming.

All connected at the same time

Imagine a world where speed and reliability are at your fingertips, wherever you are. With Tango WiFi, that’s now a reality. No more slowdowns, no more frustration, you can rely on a fast and stable Internet connection, even on the first day you move in, so you can take full advantage of your online activities.

Our new 2.0 lifestyle

Quality shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be a basic right. Fortunately, Tango WiFi offers fibre at a democratic price, everywhere and for everyone.
Join us all in this age of affordable connectivity!

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