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A Shared Adventure

Above all, it’s spirit that makes a team, and IDP works hard to bring our 36 employees together. We believe in the power of collaboration to generate ideas, to support creative production and to encourage our commitment to clients.


Our account managers assess your requests, coordinate their implementation, and ensure the quality and timing of projects. This is done on a daily basis, in precise and methodical way. This professionalism and these processes add reassurance that you that your projects are in the hands of experts.

Mathieu Lepinasse

Account Director

+352 266 453-31

Dynamic and meticulous, he learned his trade in media planning, and now manages larger accounts. An innately positive person, he is also highly organised, so it was natural that he should come to lead the client relations department.

Cindy Sidot

Business Development / Senior Account Manager

+352 691 277 527

Cindy is responsible for developing our client portfolio and uses her decade and a half of experience with our agency. She advises clients and potential clients, orienting them towards the most suitable solution, be it in print or digital, in sectors as varied as training, health, finance, real estate, retail….

Fiona Pierlot

Senior Account Manager / Strategic Planner

+352 266 453-41

With an analytical mind and a keen sense of organisation, Fiona carefully develops, plans and supervises clients’ communication strategies.

Laura Légier

Senior Account Manager

+352 266 453-51

After several years of experience in communications and marketing in France and the United States, Laura brought her expertise to IDP to manage and oversee agency projects.

Zoé Mampey

Senior Account Manager

+352 266 453-52

After leaving Seattle with a bachelor's degree in communication in her pocket, Zoé, a native of Lorraine, went on to experience both sides of the "marketing" medal: life in an agency and life with the advertiser. But Zoe is first and foremost a pro who facilitates the actions of customers in ON and OFF.

Sandrine Szylar

Account Manager

+352 266 453-37

Sandrine has substantial event planning experience with several Luxembourg communication firms. She oversees the smooth running of projects and client follow-up.

Claire Bourgeois

Account manager

+352 266 453-36

Claire is an optimistic and curious woman, two valuable qualities when working in communication. Born in Lorraine, she moved to Paris for the first five years of her career and became an expert in retail and corporate design matters. Her passions? Yoga and… Surf!

Thomas Ledig

Digital Marketing Manager

+352 266 453 27

Thomas is in a way an adventurer, after studies in Metz and Lille, professional experiences in Paris, he went to Australia, attracted by the great beaches and surfing. Recently back home, he joined IDP as a Digital Marketing Manager and will be able to guide customers on their digital strategies and deployment.


Artistic directors, graphic artists, copywriters, photographers, illustrators,…. our creatives draw their inspiration widely, helping them to bring imagination and passion to your projects.

Samy Guenane

Creative Director

+352 266 453-28

After falling in love with advertising aged 20 in Brussels, his mind never stops working on imaginative ideas: day and night, at the weekend and on public holidays. Just don’t try to talk to him before he’s had his morning coffee…

Verena Landgraf

Creative Director

+352 266 453 - 55

An experienced creative specialised in branding, Verena has been passionate about building brand strategies for nearly two decades. She is part of the "Die Kreativen Trier" collective: a dynamic and open network of interdisciplinary creatives.

Fanély Gouguet

Conceptual Copywriter / Strategic Planner

+352 266 453-33

Fanély creates advertising campaigns and loves playing with words in English as much as French. She creates strategies that produce incisive, impactful communication.

Pietro Namèche

Art Director / Head of Design

+352 266 453-29

A lover of good quality work, design is in his DNA. When he’s not creating new ideas in the agency, you’ll often see him enjoying the best of Italian cuisine.

Sébastien Leroy

Art Director

+352 266 453-43

Sébastien is an extremely experienced graphic designer, and branding is his first love. Never short of originality, he combines an artistic sensibility with a mastery of the tools needed to bring these ideas to life.

David Carpentier

Senior Graphic Designer

+352 266 453-57

Graphic artist and designer since 1996, David understands this business implicitly. He particularly proud of his printed models, which are made with a watchmaker’s precision.

Yann Jolivald

Senior Graphic Designer

+352 266 453-22

When giving life to his ideas, Yann is just as likely to use a pencil and paper as his computer. Substantial DTP experience enables him to create quickly precise models for all types of printed media.

Vincent Genco-Russo

Senior Graphic Designer

+352 266 453-48

Taming his mass of curly hair might be beyond him, maybe because Vincent puts all his creative talent into laying out well designed models for all printed media.

Alexandra Cossa

Senior Graphic Designer

+352 266 453-21

A graphic designer specialised in print, Alexandra has acquired varied experience over more than 15 years with different agencies and as a freelancer.

Aurélie Sénéchal

Senior Graphic Designer

+352 266 453-54

Graphic artist and web designer, Aurélie understands that while originality is needed, it must operate within clearly defined constraints. Her methodical and organised approach is well suited for projects of all sizes.

Joëlle Helbach

Senior Graphic Designer

+352 266 453 - 19

Joëlle has two passions, travel and dancing. Trained as a graphic designer, she enriches the agency's graphic workshop with her know-how and versatility. She has developed these two important assets in more than 15 years of professional experience.

Pascale Emeringer

Senior Graphic Designer

+352 266 453 - 16

Pascale plays the saxophone in a brass band and loves books, especially well-written detective novels. At ID+P, she makes her graphic design skills available. She started her career at Luxair.

Jean-Marie Weitzel

Senior Copywriter

+352 266 453-24

As a trained journalist, Jean-Marie writes and translates in Luxembourgish, French, German and English. He is our content quality controller and has an unerring eye for typos. He creates communiqués and press dossiers, plus he has excellent relationships with journalists.

Etienne Delorme

Senior Photographer / Graphic & Webdesigner

+352 266 453-39

Etienne was a professional photographer before moving into graphic and web design., Bringing his keen eye to his work with Photoshop isn’t all that makes him special: he even prefers working on PCs rather than with Macs.


Passionate about making internet sites come alive, our web designers and developers work together to build creative, user-friendly applications for PCs and mobiles.

Nuno Francisco

Chief Technical Officer

+352 266 453 - 18

Nuno adores life, good food and cities. He loves especially City trips and does a maximum of them. When he is not travelling, he is often connected, too much according to his wife's opinion. But it is only in this way he can maintain his skills in UX (user experience), IU (user interface) and SEO (referencing).

Kamel Chikhi

Lead Developer

+352 266 453-44

Kamel has multidisciplinary skills that go from web design to development. He enjoys creating made-to-measure sites, paying particular care to making them easy to navigate. He also shares his expertise of both the front and the back ends in client WordPress training sessions.

Matthias Bianchi

Web developer

+352 66 453 14

Matthias is a passionate web developer with a proven track record. It is in this spirit that he uses his skills to provide quality work. When his hands are not on a keyboard, they are never very far from a musical instrument. Proof that virtual and real are compatible.

Pauline My

Web developer

+352 266 453

Pauline joined the ID+P team as a Web Developer. The Internet, she has loved it since she was a child. When she is not in front of her screen, she plays tennis or goes on a trip to get inspired and explore new places.

David Schul

Web Designer / Front end Developer

+352 266 453-47

Experienced UX/UI designer, David coordinates with content organisation, design, and site architecture to create innovative user experiences. He works knowing that user-friendliness is as important as aesthetically pleasing interfaces.

Lucile Kathirkamanathan

Web designer

+352 266 453 30

Lucile, who is joyful and optimistic by nature, lived for a long time in the Paris region before joining Luxembourg and the IDP team. From a very young age, she already knew her future professional fields of application: web and design. In her spare time, she takes care of her dada for manga and Korean culture.

Cassandra Becker

Web Designer

+352 266 453 - 61

Passionate about creation since she was a child, Cassandra quickly turned to print and then web graphics. "I am rigorous and always looking to improve and learn more," she says. Cross fit is another of her passions, which she exercises as soon as her schedule allows.

Sophie Heilbrunn

Digital Marketing Officer

+352 266 453-50

Sophie has around two decades experience with the web. Starting with web design and administration, more recently she has concentrated on semantics, SEO, and content creation. As a certified expert in Google Ads and Analytics since 2014, she creates digital, made to measure strategies for search, display, YouTube, and social media.


Our specialists negotiate the best tariffs with media outlets and agencies, as well as choosing the most appropriate locations for the ads. This ensures optimal coverage for your print and digital campaigns.

Marija Nikolic

Marija Nikolic

Media Director

+352 273 650-76

Head of the media department, Marija has two decades’ experience creating targeted media strategies for a range of brands in a multicultural setting. Her department manages the most volume in the Grand Duchy.

Sarah Czernecky

Senior Media Planner / Media Buyer

+352 266 453-40

As an experienced media planner, Sarah has deep knowledge of the Greater Region market. She’s in daily contact with agencies of all sizes, and works with them to create new, personalised formats. She advises clients about the choice of medium: print, digital, radio, TV, or billboard, and then negotiates the best rates.

Marine Diou

Media Planner / Media Buyer

+352 266 453-56

Marine acquired a range of experience in communication and marketing before joining IDP’s media team. She helps with the preparation of proposals, plans, budgets, reports and media analysis.

Jody Holtz

Administrative Assistant / Receptionist

+352 266 453-50

Jody is on the phone as well as at the reception desk, the voice and face of the agency. With a degree in communication and media, she chose ID+P to take her first steps in professional life. She admits a passion for photography and running and plans to take part in a half-marathon.

Vanessa Thomé

Junior Media planner & buyer

+352 266 453-23

Vanessa, with her first experiences in communication and marketing, is a very well organized person. This is a good thing, because the position of media assistant she holds requires it for all tasks: dates, tarifs, advertising ads,… figures not to be mixed.

Partners / Administration

Our four managing partners have an unwavering passion for advertising, with their shared ambition to strive for professional excellence. Their experience in the Luxembourg context has grown thanks to more than 25 years each in this business.

Alain Ierace

Managing Partner

+352 266 453-25

Director and co-founder of the agency, Alain has been an entrepreneur in this business for nearly three decades. Throughout, he has been driven to find new solutions in every aspect of communication. This helps to motivate the 40-strong IDP team to greater success.

Dan Dechmann

Managing Partner

+352 266 453-20

Dan Dechmann founded Dechmann Communication in 2006 and is the co-founder and co-director of IDP. He also represents the Luxembourg agencies through his status as a member of the advertising ethics commission.

Didier Prudhomme

Finance Manager / Partner

+352 266 453-26

This football lover is the central defender of our turnover. Previously with the IP agency, he manages IT and administrative logistics with strict rigour.

Luc Bolsius

Head of Media / Business Development / Partner

+352 266 453-32

Luc is an ex-marketing/commercial director with Canal+ Belgium. He believes that listening, analysing, discussion, and new ideas as the way to serve, surprise, and add long term value for partner/clients.

Valérie Candat

Executive Assistant / Communication Manager

+352 266 453-15

Valerie has broad experience with several sales and marketing departments in the finance, insurance, and IT security sectors. She is currently executive assistant with responsibility for internal and external communication.

Catherine Farinelle


+352 266 453 - 17

Catherine, by her job as an accountant, runs after the numbers. But in her spare time, she also runs for pleasure. Twice already, she has represented the agency in official races, with very good results. Definitely, the right numbers are her hobby.

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