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A Shared Adventure

Above all, it’s spirit that makes a team, and IDP works hard to bring our employees together. We believe in the power of collaboration to generate ideas, to support creative production and to encourage our commitment to clients.


Our account managers assess your requests, coordinate their implementation, and ensure the quality and timing of projects. This is done on a daily basis, in precise and methodical way. This professionalism and these processes add reassurance that you that your projects are in the hands of experts.

Mathieu Lepinasse

Account director

+352 266 453-31

Dynamic and meticulous, he learned his trade in media planning, and now manages larger accounts. An innately positive person, he is also highly organised, so it was natural that he should come to lead the client relations department.

Cindy Sidot

Business Development / Senior Account Manager

+352 691 277 527

In charge of managing/developing the client portfolio and with over 18 years' experience in the agency, Cindy has a perfect command of commercial communication; with her joyful laugh, she not only seduces clients, but also encourages her colleagues, especially in times of stress, when bids have to be completed, files put together and projects presented. In short, she can't stand still!

Zoé Mampey

Senior Account manager

+352 266 453-52

After leaving Seattle with a bachelor's degree in communication in her pocket, Zoé, a native of Lorraine, went on to experience both sides of the "marketing" medal: life in an agency and life with the advertiser. But Zoe is first and foremost a pro who facilitates the actions of customers in ON and OFF.

Sandrine Szylar

Senior account Manager

+352 266 453-37

Sandrine has substantial event planning experience with several Luxembourg communication firms. She oversees the smooth running of projects and client follow-up.

Valérie Krammel

Account manager & Strategic planner

+352 266 453-68

Valérie Krammel joined the team at the end of 2019 as a trainee, but she already had everything of a great talent. Organised and motivated, she was recruited for a good beginning of 2021. With her bachelor's degree in business management in her pocket, she will now be responsible for marketing strategies and customer care.

Fiona Pierlot

Senior Account Manager / Strategic Planner

+352 266 453-41

Analyser vos demandes, coordonner leur exécution, veiller à la qualité des projets et au respect des délais, c’est la ligne de conduite quotidienne de nos account managers. Avec précision et méthode, la gestion opérationnelle de vos projets digitaux est entre les mains expertes de Fiona. Elle coordonne et pilote l'équipe digitale de l'agence.


Artistic directors, graphic artists, copywriters, photographers, illustrators,…. our creatives draw their inspiration widely, helping them to bring imagination and passion to your projects.

Samy Guenane

Creative Director

+352 266 453-28

After falling in love with advertising aged 20 in Brussels, his mind never stops working on imaginative ideas: day and night, at the weekend and on public holidays. Just don’t try to talk to him before he’s had his morning coffee…

Verena Landgraf

Creative Director

+352 266 453 - 55

An experienced creative specialised in branding, Verena has been passionate about building brand strategies for nearly two decades. She is part of the "Die Kreativen Trier" collective: a dynamic and open network of interdisciplinary creatives.

Fanély Gouguet

Conceptual Copywriter / Strategic planner

+352 266 453-33

Fanély creates advertising campaigns and loves playing with words, as well in English as in French. She crafts strategies that produce incisive and impactful communication.

Pietro Namèche

Art Director / Head of Design

+352 266 453-29

A lover of good quality work, design is in his DNA. When he’s not creating new ideas in the agency, you’ll often see him enjoying the best of Italian cuisine.

Sébastien Leroy

Art Director

+352 266 453-43

Sébastien is an extremely experienced graphic designer, and branding is his first love. Never short of originality, he combines an artistic sensibility with a mastery of the tools needed to bring these ideas to life.

David Carpentier

Senior Graphic Designer

+352 266 453-57

Graphic artist and designer since 1996, David understands this business implicitly. He particularly proud of his printed models, which are made with a watchmaker’s precision.

Aurélie Sénéchal

Senior Graphic Designer

+352 266 453-54

Graphic artist and web designer, Aurélie understands that while originality is needed, it must operate within clearly defined constraints. Her methodical and organised approach is well suited for projects of all sizes.

Yann Jolivald

Senior Graphic Designer

+352 266 453-22

When giving life to his ideas, Yann is just as likely to use a pencil and paper as his computer. Substantial DTP experience enables him to create quickly precise models for all types of printed media.

Safia Moussoum

Visual designer

+352 266 453-18

Since she was a child, Safia has drawn a lot, including a comic book. For her, the art of creating is an escape, a way of getting away from it all, and a way to breathe a little in this crazy world. Safia is also committed to the cause of women who are victims of domestic violence. On a lighter note, she is passionate about fashion.

Adrien Kubli Marsault

Graphic designer

After his beginnings as a printer (offset press operator), his permanent contract as web/print project manager at the HEC Paris business school and his experience as a graphic designer with a Luxembourg operator, Adrien has already joined ID+P with a few strings to his bow. His professional goal: to manage multi-channel and cross-media communication projects in the space sector! No more, no less.

Jean-Marie Weitzel

Senior Copywriter

+352 266 453-24

As a trained journalist, Jean-Marie writes and translates in Luxembourgish, French, German and English. He is our content quality controller and has an unerring eye for typos. He creates communiqués and press dossiers, plus he has excellent relationships with journalists.


Passionate about making internet sites come alive, our web designers and developers work together to build creative, user-friendly applications for PCs and mobiles.

Sébastien Martin

Web technical officer

+352 266 453 - 47

Trained at the Ecole Supérieur Albert Jacquard in Namur, Sébastien started his career as a freelance. In 2020, he arrived in Luxembourg and after some web and print experience in communication agencies, he joined ID+P in the summer of 2022 to manage the clients' websites. Sébastien is Belgian and as a Belgian, he likes to drink a special beer... if possible, at night, under a starlit sky.

Fanny Amalia

Web designer

+352 266 453 39

Fanny, who is of Indonesian origin, always tries to do what she loves and to love what she does. She has been working in web design for 13 years, and has now joined IDP, where she hopes to progress further in her profession and be able to use all her talents. For her, learning is never finished. Fanny is a keen rock climber and loves drinking a gin and tonic on a sunny terrace with friends.

Olivier Robin

Web developer

+352 266 453-14

Olivier is a true artist. When he doesn't work in the office, he paints. And as an artist's life is what it is, he earns his living at ID+P by being passionate about graphic design, web design or 3D, fields in which he has already acquired a strong professional experience.

Todisoa Razafindrabekoto

Lead web developer

+352 266 453 - 26

Tody, as he is familiarly called, is a web enthusiast. This is not surprising, given his job at IDP. He is curious and tenacious, loves to play chess and is a fan of films, both mystery and drama. In his spare time, he plays basketball, enjoys the sun with his family and allows himself a cold beer.

Jonathan Jolivalt

Full stack web developer

+352 266 453-36

With 5 years' experience in a web agency and 10 years' consulting experience as an analyst programmer, Jonathan joined the web team with an important additional quality: he hates computer bugs! He's always in front of his screen, even in his private time: video games, computer-assisted music... And when he can't take it anymore, he makes himself a nutella chantilly pancake.

Kamel Jaouid

Web designer

+352 266 453 - 73

Passionate and ambitious, Kamel lives by the philosophy of eternal learning: "never rest on your achievements". Very early on, he discovered that he loved the visual arts; video, photography, 2D animation and graphic design in general. He has made it his profession today. He practices martial arts, is a former breakdancer (Benelux vice-champion) and spreads good humour among the IDP team while working.

Jacob Houmadi

Web designer

+352 266 453-72

Throughout his life, Jacob never shied away from effort. On the contrary, he has done everything in his power to succeed. Starting out as a graphic designer, he trained to become a web designer. But he doesn't like coding! After joining a pan-African group, he is now aiming for international success. The proof is in the pudding: he's working now for IDP in Luxembourg. His biggest flaw: he likes to eat! He admits it without any hang-ups!

Digital Marketing

Google campaign, social networks, community management, organic referencing, data analysis... Endowed with many years of experience, our team will be happy to help you select the appropriate tools, channels, and actions required to exceed your marketing objectives.

Sophie Heilbrunn

Digital marketing manager

+352 266 453-46

Sophie has around two decades experience with the web. Starting with web design and administration, more recently she has concentrated on semantics, SEO, and content creation. As a certified expert in Google Ads and Analytics since 2014, she creates digital, made to measure strategies for search, display, YouTube, and social media.

Nathalie Aries

Digital marketing officer

+352 266 453 - 67

With a wealth of experience in digital marketing and communication in Luxembourg, Nathalie joined IDP to reinforce the existing team. However, in addition to digital channels and social networks, Nathalie also devotes herself to her second passion, Korea. She especially loves the culinary culture of this country and regularly follows the k-dramas, television series in the land of the morning calm. Nathalie believes in the Korean proverb: "Perfection is a path, not an end.

Léa Bour

Digital marketing officer

+352 266 453 48

During her studies and her professional experiences, Léa Bour discovered an affinity for digital marketing. Throughout her career, she has been trained in different platforms such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. As for her passions outside of work, Léa is a great fan of scuba diving and to do so, she doesn't hesitate to make long trips around the world. Lucky her!


Our specialists negotiate the best tariffs with media outlets and agencies, as well as choosing the most appropriate locations for the ads. This ensures optimal coverage for your print and digital campaigns.

Margaux Clément

Senior media planner & buyer

+352 266 453-40

Margaux has a sense of humor, and that's all the better because being attentive to clients requires flexibility and commitment. With a Master's degree in marketing and communication under her belt and two years of experience in event planning, she manages to strike a perfect balance between professionalism and self-deprecation. Oh, did you know that Margaux is allergic to cats, yet she has two? Margaux does nothing like everyone else.

Noémie Mathey

Media planner & buyer

+352 266 453 - 50

Originally from Strasbourg, Noémie has a Master's degree in "Marketing in a digitalized world", which she did during a three-year work-study period at the SNCF in the communications department. Passionate about painting and bodybuilding, Noémie is very curious. A very useful skill when you want to work in the media. She starts her day at 6.30 am, always with her thermos of coffee.

Amandine Gulyas

Media Planer & Buyer

+352 266 453-71

Amandine joined the media team after gaining experience in other companies in Luxembourg. Now that she knows the terrain of communication on the media client side well, she decided to switch sides and now works for IDP as a media agency. To recharge her batteries, she enjoys travelling whenever she has the opportunity. It doesn't matter whether her destinations are near or far, the main thing is that she discovers new, extraordinary things.

Marine Hein

Media assistant

+352 266 453-42

Marine joined the media department on the strength of her knowledge of digital strategy, marketing, and business management. Of Italian origin, she returns to her country every year to recharge her batteries, take beautiful landscape photos and learn new cooking recipes. She does a perfect imitation of Shakira and enjoys scuba diving with her father.

Maud Delles

Media planner & buyer

+352 266 453-58

Maud is said to be a great sleeper. However, she is the first one at the agency in the morning. She gets up at the crack of dawn to produce the day's press clips for clients. She has a literary baccalaureate because numbers were not her best friend. Nevertheless, at IDP's media department, she also does the billing! Proof that in life, you should never say never! Maud also loves shopping, which makes her bank card suffer and her dressing room overflow.

Partners / Administration

Our four managing partners have an unwavering passion for advertising, with their shared ambition to strive for professional excellence. Their experience in the Luxembourg context has grown thanks to more than 25 years each in this business.

Alain Ierace

Managing Partner

+352 266 453-25

Director and co-founder of the agency, Alain has been an entrepreneur in this business for nearly three decades. Throughout, he has been driven to find new solutions in every aspect of communication. This helps to motivate the 40-strong IDP team to greater success.

Dan Dechmann

Managing Partner

+352 266 453-20

Dan Dechmann founded Dechmann Communication in 2006 and is the co-founder and co-director of IDP. He also represents the Luxembourg agencies through his status as a member of the advertising ethics commission.

Luc Bolsius

Head of Media / Business Development / partner

+352 266 453-32

Luc is an ex-marketing/commercial director with Canal+ Belgium. He believes that listening, analysing, discussion, and new ideas as the way to serve, surprise, and add long term value for partner/clients.

Valérie Candat

Executive Assistant / Communication Manager

+352 266 453-15

Valerie has broad experience with several sales and marketing departments in the finance, insurance, and IT security sectors. She is currently executive assistant with responsibility for HR, internal and external communication.

Catherine Farinelle

Accounting manager

+352 266 453 - 17

Catherine, by her job as an accountant, runs after the numbers. But in her spare time, she also runs for pleasure. Twice already, she has represented the agency in official races, with very good results. Definitely, the right numbers are her hobby.

Estelle Ball

Accounting assistant

+352 266 453-23

Estelle is a number cruncher. She's been working in accountancy in Luxembourg for over 15 years, so she's no stranger to figures. With a soft spot for the communications sector, it was only natural that she should join ID+P. But when Estelle isn't working on her Excel spreadsheets or invoices, she's out cycling, walking in the forest or running. "Life is all about balance," she says!

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