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ARHIS - New corporate identity

To mark its 20th anniversary, Action intérim has given itself a “makeover” with a new name that reflects the breadth of its offering. The company offers support in recruiting for both short assignments and permanent positions.

Now called “Arhis HR Solutions” after an internal brainstorming session, the name embodies their new positioning with a wider choice of job offers and services. Our mission was to develop a logo and slogan that reflect their core strengths, as well as a visual identity and website.

The logo created for Arhis emphasizes the human aspect and what is unique about the company, such as taking the time to establish solid human relationships to build a business on trust. We naturally chose the human footprint to represent these characteristics. Each footprint is unique, reflecting personalized service and a business based on human relationships.


The letter stationery was developed based on the company’s logo, highlighting the first letter of the word, which is also the first letter of the alphabet. The “A” takes on a new dimension, graphically reinforcing the brand’s identity. The slogan “Real people. Real talent. True opportunities.” is placed under the logo as a signature, highlighting the various players in place, as well as the multiple possibilities for the future that lie ahead.


The website was developed and designed by IDP.

Signage was deployed at the various addresses of Arhis recruitment agencies, with window stickers to use the display windows as media. Conviviality – Expertise – Audacity – Commitment, are the values on which Arhis HR Solutions is founded. Let’s celebrate 20 years of experience, together with this brand-new graphic identity.

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