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Website Redesign

The request of LUXLAIT was to modernise its website and thus offer a more intuitive and hierarchical navigation to present all the product ranges and sub-ranges.

Through this new website, the visitor will find more easily the different “product” information and the novelties: recipes, news… The values of the cooperative are also highlighted.

Wireframes - UI/UX

The website was designed “from scratch” by the ID+P agency. The digital team worked on the graphic recommendations, the tree structure and the writing of some generic texts. Another particularity: the site has two accesses, one for consumers, the other for professionals. It is a fact that communication with both targets requires a different discourse. For the first, it was a question of talking about quality, diversity and the naturalness of the products; for the second, the emphasis is on packaging, deliveries, logistical details…


The new homepage provides a general presentation of the product range, with two different accesses and a completely revised and greatly simplified ergonomics. The user has the possibility to click directly to discover the products or to search by keyword.
The page contains a special insert “discover the new products” which can also be updated from time to time and used for other purposes, such as recently for the 125th anniversary of the cooperative for which a parallel site dedicated to a competition has also been created.

The range of products

On the site you will find, for example, practical advice concerning the consumption of LUXLAIT products. The recipe page is a perfect illustration of this. Top-quality products are the basis of every culinary recipe. They encourage consumers and their entourage to pamper themselves with delicious dishes prepared with LUXLAIT products.

Phone, tablet, computer, whatever you prefer...

Of course, the site has been designed to be accessible on smartphones and tablets anywhere and anytime. This is very practical for consulting products when preparing recipes, shopping or ordering directly in stores.

LUXLAIT's values

The values that are important for the cooperative are of course quality, but also respect for the environment, the treatment of animals or the relations with its member-farmers.

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