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In 2017, IDP created a concept that has been constantly renewed over the years.

In 2021, our dinosaur set out on new adventures with the capacity of enjoying even more films, more gaming, more home office, more music, and more simultaneous users, on a secure network.

An online pandemic

Internet consumption has evolved drastically and so has Tango Fibre. The keywords in this (atypical) year of confinement will be “shared connection”. Whole families want to connect simultaneously. Fortunately, Tango Fibre offers Internet up to 2 Gbps.

Flash, a dinosaur like no other

Thanks to our mascot the dinosaur, Tango Fibre generates a strong appeal and remains easily recognisable, evolving in a distinctive graphic territory.

A rich storytelling

Our radio spot features a classic family scene, where each member uses the Internet for a different reason, when suddenly the Wi-Fi crashes. Online schooling, digital music, film download or videoconferencing, what would we have become without the Internet? The solution to keep on living as we love after all is Tango Fibre.

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