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Sponsoring campaign FLF - VOLKSWAGEN Luxembourg

For its 360° sponsorship campaign for the start of the new school year Volkswagen – Group Losch Luxembourg – asked the agency to showcase the champions of the Luxembourg Football Federation (FLF), of which it has been an official partner since October 2017.

This spot shot with the players and their trainer was made for TV and cinema to highlight the driving assistance offered for the new VW T-Cross model.

Wide-ranging media plan

The campaign was repeated on various media, bus shelters, press advertisements and TV/Cinema spots, basically for social networks with short versions of the video.


Short 15-second versions were produced to be broadcast on social networks.

A funny and joyful shooting

The filming took place in a car, on board a truck to allow the amateur actors to play their part. It was a very original and constructive experience for the whole team. Normally for a spot of this size, agencies and production companies hire professional actors who are very familiar with the rules and missions on a film set: long days, moments of stress or waiting, make-up, several takes for the same scene, etc.

Our actors-footballers and their coaches all impressed us with their talent and persistence, all very comfortable in the presence of the camera. They did their job very well with spontaneity on top of that!

Ads in the press

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