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Oberweis asked us to take care of the art direction for its seasonal brochure “Délices”, as well as of publications issued especially for Saint Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mothers’ Day.

We brought together both the culinary and graphic arts to produce a fresh, renewed graphic layout, while showcasing Oberweis products through high-quality photographs.

Visuals that whet your appetite

Our creative work starts with a rough storyboard. This enables us to explore the most appropriate layouts, and to give clear directions to the photographer for the final studio sessions.

We conceive each photograph as if it were a painting. We play precisely with shapes and colours to achieve perfectly harmonious visuals, with the delicacy of the products as the central theme. The use of subtle designs and textures in the background enhances the images and lends the whole a note of sophistication.


The attention to detail which underpins Oberweis’ culinary creations is shown using well crafted illustrations throughout the brochure. Blackcurrants, mint leaves, cherries, cocoa beans, icing sugar and other visually attractive ingredients are featured throughout: a truly delicious touch.

Delicate and graceful typefaces were chosen to be visually appealing and easy to read. The titles catch the reader’s attention and create a distinct personality on the overall page design.

tentes de table Oberweis

Tasting with your eyes

Oberweis’ latest creations are shown at their best using triangular table tents as a backdrop.

Copywriting Oberweis

A brochure rather than a magazine

Highlighting substance as well as style, “Délices” is brochure-magazine featuring relevant articles and news. It gives readers a glimpse of how the company works behind the scenes, sharing recipes and production secrets. Oberweis thus strengthens its relationship with the client and enhances its brand image. This conveys something special about Oberweis, positioning them as the leaders for fine patisserie and culinary arts in Luxembourg and beyond.

An ultra-modern layout to showcase the unique product range

A streamlined layout featuring painstakingly conceived visuals gave Oberweis’ the fresher image they were seeking. We put together a top-quality brochure/magazine using a contemporary design aligned with the brand’s high-end positioning. Our value-added creativity is evident through our use of high-quality photography, subtle typography, and a minimalist layout. Together this helped highlight Oberweis products’ superior quality.

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