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Le Royal Hotel Luxembourg

Our challenge was to highlight Le Royal’s high quality facilities and services, as well as its three brands: the restaurants “La Pomme Cannelle” and “Amelys”, as well as the “Piano Bar”.

The campaign communicated the high level of services offered by this 5* resort hotel, one of the “Leading Hotels of the World”.

Creation of four scenes which describe a client’s journey
through a world of luxury and high-end services

A five star hotel like “Le Royal” brings clients into the fifth dimension. Each high quality service is delivered with its own unique atmosphere.


Objects that bring to mind a hotel (such as a table, a bed, a piano…) are  intertwined with images of Luxembourg’s countryside.

“Amelys” is represented by the Esch-sur-Sûre lake, “Le Pomme Cannelle” by Moselle valley vines,  “The Piano Bar” by the banks of the Moselle, and the hotel itself is portrayed through images of the Gutland countryside.

Meticulous research and graphic design work was required to incorporate each image seamlessly.

Renewed trust

This was the second time “Le Royal” and ID+P have worked together.

Previously we were asked to create logos and graphic guidelines for the “ Amélys” restaurant and “The Piano Bar”.

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