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Smoking prevention campaign

Since 1987 the World Health Organisation (WHO) has established World No Tobacco Day on 31 May to highlight the tobacco epidemic and its deadly effects worldwide. Tobacco use causes the premature and preventable deaths of 8 million people worldwide each year.

The WHO World No Tobacco Day 2022 campaign has the theme: “Tobacco: a threat to our environment”. The campaign aims to raise public awareness of the impact of tobacco on the environment – growing, production, distribution, and waste. The Ministry of Health – asked the agency to set up a campaign for young people.

Design and production of a video spot based on the idea of protecting young people and future generations from the dangers of tobacco and the diseases that result from it. It is also about leading them towards a healthier future in a cleaner environment. This is something that young people are becoming increasingly aware of…

How to convince young smokers to stop or not to start smoking?

A prevention campaign aimed at young people to dissuade them from starting to smoke or to stop smoking quickly to preserve their health. Communicating in a way that resonates with young people to prevent them from falling into addiction.


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