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PwC's Academy

PwC’s Academy is PwC’s professional training entity. It wanted to boost its brand, while keeping the visual identity of its communication material in line with the firm’s corporate identity.

PwC’s Academy also sought an original solution to highlight its training calendar. It also wanted to offer a clear, overall vision of its offering, featuring a practical and easy to carry communication tool.

nouveau logo PwC's Academy

Developing an identity

We associated the current logo with the tagline “Learning designed for me“ to anchor the visual identity with the brand.

We used PwC corporate colours to structure and differentiate the four main training centres.

Each type of training course is linked with a personalised icon for greater clarity.

brochure PwC's Academy

Boldly boosting a brand

This corporate brochure is directly inspired by the logo’s styling. In the form of a colour chart, its playful yet dynamic feel underlines the philosophy behind PwC’s Academy. Its original design highlights the logo’s colours and is an inventive way to bring the firm’s image to the fore.

Thematic leaflets

Thematic leaflets are delivered with their templates, thus helping PwC’s Academy produce visually homogenous documents. Templates can either be for six-part documents or recto/version flyers.

roll-up PwC's Academy

Deploying the new visual identity

The new visual identity is styled coherently across all communication tools, from roll-up banners to press ads, thus relating efficiently the brand’s corporate image.

Poster PwC's Academy

Read in two directions

This accordion leaflet organises information in an optimal fashion given the limited space. Being readable in two directions brings a playful note. It can also be turned into a poster featuring an illustration depicting every option available at PwC’s Academy and its different training centres.

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