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600+ clients trust us with their brands

Our work with our clients speaks for itself. For more than 25 years IDP has been working on branding and communication strategy for organisations in every sector, using innovative 360° techniques.

Many of our clients have been with us for several years. That they have trusted us for so long is satisfying and encouraging.

Rouden Eck

Task: creation of a name and visual identity for a housing project

Objective: find a name that links the project with the locality

Target: promoters and real estate investors

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Task: creation of a new website to sell houses and apartments

Objective: create and exhaustive ‘user friendly’ catalogue with a simplified design

Target: general public

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ING – Private Banking

Task: private banking

Objective: a bold message to promote ING’s international expertise, and highlight how their skilled team makes a real difference

Target: ING clients and potential clients


Résidences Canberra

Task: new website for a short-term rental residence

Objective: develop the short term rental offering

Target: expats in Luxembourg, employees of EU institutions, bankers, diplomats

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Task: update and reshaping of the website

Objective: better highlight the range of expertise using a new CMS equipped with purified graphics for clearer information

Target: B2B

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Task: refreshing the graphical look, and creating a well-designed website

Objective: purified graphic feel, enriched information, and optimised structure

Target: B2B

ULAV – Luxembourg Union of Travel Agencies

Task: a new name for the association as it changes to ULAV from GAVL

Objective: create a logo and a visual identity, build a website, and boost press relationships

Target: general public

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Keytrade – Resolutions

Task: use New Year’s resolutions to communicate about Keytrade Bank

Objective: depart from the usual way of advertising banking services with an attractive, cheeky message to attract new clients

Target: general public


Ministère de l’Egalité des chances – Promotion of male/female equality

Task: male/female equality at work

Objective: raise public awareness on persistent inequalities between the sexes

Target: general public, politicians, employers, and trade unions


Premium magazine site

Task: new website for the magazine ‘Premium’

Objective: present the editorial/audio-visual content in a stylish, contemporary fashion

Target: predominantly male readership

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Task: “Property Partners” changes their name

Objective: creation of name and logo to help increase international reach

Target: real estate professionals and general public

Russo Concept

Task: new company created following a merger of Linea 3 and Menuiserie Nicolas Russo

Objective: creation of a corporate identity and a clear, simple, precise website

Target: general public

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Sofitel – Launch of Bar Sixty Four

Task: inauguration of the new Bar Sixty-Four in the Sofitel Luxembourg-Kirchberg

Objective: create a name, logo, and visual identity alluding to whisky – 64° Fahrenheit is the optimal temperature at which to serve whisky

Target: general public and hotel clients



Task: highlight the benefits of fruit over fatty or sugary food

Objective: promote boxes of fruit, with an online form to receive a free box

Target: B2C

BSH event

Task: creation of a modular “Event” site

Objective: involve the public in a range of web-based competitions and events to promote the brands Bosch, Siemens, Neff, Gaggenau, Constructa etc.

Target: retailers and their clients


ING – lending promotion campaign 2015

Task: ING personal loans

Objective: create a common theme to promote different loans: personal, housing, and car

Target: ING clients and potential clients



Task: a stand at the Golden-I event

Objective: highlighting their expertise in banking security by creating a client experience – measuring performance, strategic planning and concentration against that of an ex-snooker world champion

Target: B2B

Ministère de l’Egalité des chances – Mega-Spill

Task: presentation of the ‘Mega-Spill’ game

Objective: using a game to break down prejudices and raise awareness among young people about how no jobs are reserved exclusively for men or women

Target: primary school children


Carre-Immo – Rebranding

Task: rebranding of the logo and brand repositioning

Objective: finding a new corporate brand, with each ad using words that reflect this

Target: B2B and B2C


BIL – Housing loan

Task: housing loan

Objective: offer a capped variable interest rate with a response to your project made within 48 hours

Target: general public

Royal Hamilius – Newsletter

Task: creation of a newsletter for national distribution

Objective: build public loyalty for the Royal Hamilius project, and to keep people informed of progress

Target: general public

SAM magazine

Task: magazine for household internal design professionals

Objective: communicate directly to individual clients

Target: general public

Sedlo Jimenez & Lunz

Task: ‘image’ brochure for the law firm Sedlo, Jimenez et Lunz

Objective: a high-end design to reflect the company’s values

Target: clients and potential clients

Wiesen-Piront – Corporate

Task: creation of brand guidelines for advertisements, folders, stationary, signage, and other uses

Objective: modernise the brand to stand out from the competition

Target: general public


Wüstenrot – fixed rate

Task: “Fixed rate” campaign

Objective: promote the fixed interest rate offered by Wüstenrot in their savings-housing plan

Target: general public


Keytrade – RTL campagne RTL

Task: a promotion offering a chance to win one of 500 RTL Group shares

Objective: To raise awareness amongst Luxembourg’s admirers of an online trading tool using Broadband and a monument of the media landscape, RTL group. Increase the percentage of Luxembourg based shares in clients’ portfolio. Increase number of account openings.

Target: Luxembourg residents, particularly nationals


Luxair – Destination London

Sujet: cinq allers retours à Londres par jour par Luxair au départ l’aéroport de Luxembourg

Objectif : attirer l’attention avec une idée sur mesure. Création d’un stand appelé « BritBox » à l’aérogare durant 3 jours et d’un mécanisme de jeu pour faire avancer un avion jusqu’à sa destination

Cible : grand public


Luxair – New destination Copenhagen

Task: launch the Luxembourg-Copenhagen route

Objective: lunchtime promotion in Luxembourg City centre with a stand and activities, Danish food, a specially designed game with the chance to win plane tickets

Target: general public


Nico Reding

Task: creation of a showcase website

Objective: present different production processes (lettering, posters, stand decoration,…)

Target: suppliers and private clients

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Carre Immo

Task: website rebranding

Objective: modernise the layout and ease navigation, to better highlight real estate properties – using large, clear photos

Target: general public, real estate investors

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Škoda Fabia Challenge

Theme: competition for the general public to add dynamism to Škoda Luxembourg’s Facebook page. Promoting Škoda, their professional cycling team, and their two Luxembourgish team members Bob Jungels and Laurent Didier.

Objective: communicate a dynamic brand image with a sporting theme featuring several challenges on Facebook for the general public – accompanied by Google Ads and YouTube campaigns

Target: young, sporty general-public


ING – Carte Visa Gold 2015

Task: ING Visa Gold card

Objective: humorous communication to promote the family coverage offered by the Visa Gold card

Target: ING clients and potential clients


Chambre des Métiers

Task: stimulate registrations for the “Brevet de maîtrise” qualification

Objective: encourage future entrepreneurs to take the “Brevet de maîtrise” qualification that will help them set up their own handicraft and retail businesses, and train apprentices

Target: general public, future entrepreneurs

Catella Bank

Task: introduction of the Visa Infinite card from Catella Bank

Objective: create high-end packaging and a brochure to present the Visa Infinite card to new users

Target: high net worth individuals


Luxembourg City – Nationalfeierdag 2015

Theme: festivities around the Fête de la Musique and National Day in Luxembourg City

Objective: inform the general public about the highly varied three-day programme

Target: general public: residents, cross-border commuters, tourists

Rose garden in Walferdange

Task: presentation of a new rose garden in Walferdange

Objective: create refined promotional material to highlight the new garden in readiness for its inauguration by Princess Stéphanie

Target: residents of the commune of Walferdange

Tango -| Abo news

Task: guide to Tango subscriptions

Objective: bring together all Tango commercial offers (TV, internet, fibre, mobile) in a single publication

Target: general public, Tango sales teams


Handicap International 2015

Task: reaffirmation of Handicap International’s mission of aiding post-war clear ups and development

Objective: mobilise general public to sign petitions against non-targeted bombing in residential areas

Target: general public


Carré Immo – older housing

Task: the client is known as a major player for new housing projects in Luxembourg, and sought to promote its older-properties business

Objective: promote the sale of its older-housing business with a campaign in the local press

Target: general public, real estate investors

Tango – End of year 2015

Task:  Tango’s snowman mascot Barry Whitesnow is back in a new 360° campaign to present the Christmas promotional offers

Objective: generating empathy to promote internet, mobile, and TV offers

Target: general public


Sujet :  Barry Whitesnow, le bonhomme de neige mascotte de Tango, est de retour avec une nouvelle campagne à 360° pour les offres promotionnelles de fin d’année

Objectif : promouvoir les offres de fin de d’année internet, téléphone mobile et TV avec un message qui attire la sympathie

Cible : grand public

RAK – Cutlery brochure

Task: launch a range of cutlery by a fine porcelain maker

Objective: create a brochure of eight cutlery ranges designed to match porcelain dinnerware

Target: hotels, restaurants (B2B), chefs



Task: creation of campaign to help prevent break-ins

Objective: promote the Wako Safe label as a proof of anti-burglary security

Target: general public



Task: creation of a memory game for children demonstrating sexual equality at work

Objective: create a game for pre-school and primary children to make them aware from a young age that men and women are equal as regards their career choice

Target: children and adolescents in Luxembourg

Visit the site >


ING – National Day 2015

Task: Luxembourg National Day 2015, featuring promotion on Facebook

Objective: present a pleasant, dynamic image of the celebrations while associating the bank with the country’s traditions

Target: general public


TANGO – Back to school

Task: back to school campaign in September

Objective: present three promotional offers

Target: general public

ULAV – Charity Gala

Task: charity initiative in travel agencies that are members of the ULAV, and presentation of a cheque to the SOS Villages d’enfants Monde association

Objective: highlight the charity initiative through the organisation of a festive event for the presentation of the cheque at the Casino in Mondorf-les-Bains

Target: general public, tourism and travel professionals

Royal Hamilius – brochure and pack

Task: sale or rent of office and retail space

Objective: commercialise high-end spaces through marketing material that matches the prestige of the Royal Hamilus project (elegant brochure in an attractive pack)

Target: large businesses in Luxembourg and abroad (for offices) and large retail businesses in Luxembourg and abroad (for retail outlets)

Fondation du Grand-Duc et de la Grande-Duchesse

Task: highlighting the foundation’s different projects in 2014

Objective: communicate a dynamic image for the foundation in an activity report illustrated with action photos taken in 2014

Target: Luxembourg and foreign general public, associations and NGOs

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