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600+ clients trust us with their brands

Our work with our clients speaks for itself. For more than 25 years IDP has been working on branding and communication strategy for organisations in every sector, using innovative 360° techniques.

Many of our clients have been with us for several years. That they have trusted us for so long is satisfying and encouraging.


Tango – End of Year 2014

Task: creation of a 360° campaign featuring a loveable snowman character Barry Whitesnow.

Objective: promote Christmas internet and mobile offers with a message that boosts empathy

Target: general public


ING – Youth package

Task: presentation of ING ‘Youth Packages’ – creation of a brand mascot

Objective: creation of a humorous 360° campaign using direct, honest language appropriate for young people

Target: parents, children, students and young employees



Task: ING pension plan

Objective: encourage people to save early for their pension

Target: ING clients and potential clients

BSH Siemens iSensoric

Task: using Siemens’ brand guidelines to create a micro site for iSensoric products

Objective: highlight product technology with a video from the mother company – sign up to a competition by scanning a QR code – community management with the creation of posts – Google Ads campaign to launch the IQ700 range

Target: general public


Raiffeisen – Visa campaign

Task: Visa Raiffeisen campaign

Objective: highlight the advantages of the Visa card

Target: clients and prospective clients

ABBL 75 years

Task: celebration of the Luxembourg Bankers Association’s 75th anniversary

Objective: create a logo and an event (with an attractive invitation) that reflects this experience – symbolic multicoloured theme to represent the range of banks in Luxembourg

Target: B2B

Total – Newsletter

Task: creation of a quarterly web newsletter

Objective: building brand empathy, including with a competition designed to boost customer loyalty

Target: holders of the ‘Total Assistance’ card

BIL –print communication

Task: the bank’s print communication

Objective: create a new graphic identity for the BIL’s commercial documentation within their graphic guidelines

Target: clients and potential clients


Keytrade – Supertrader

Task: buy and sell shares online

Objective: attract new clients who would like to invest in the stock exchange, using humour and quirkiness

Target: general public and investors


Sichel – Furniture Festival 2014

Task: creation of a concept for the Furniture Festival 2014

Objective: highlight special conditions

Target: general public


RAK Porcelain

Task: creation advertisements RAK Porcelain

Objective: communicate the quality of RAK porcelain, as well as the innovative nature of these products and the release of new collections – promoting the brand’s “top-of-the-range” values

Target: hotel, restaurant, and catering professionals, general public

Fire & Eyes

Task: launch of an event/tourism bus by Demy Schandeler

Objective: present the bus as a new tourist attraction and event option

Target: associations, businesses

Visit the site >


Rosport | Viva

Task: Promote Viva’s 1L bottle

Objective: Making the 1L bottle of Viva the modern woman’s ideal partner. The campaign presents the product as the solution to each challenge faced by women.

Target: Female audience


ING – Educational book

Task: distribute an educational book

Objective: create playful and educational books to explain how banks work and the value of money

Target: young people

BIL – Rebranding

Task: rebranding: Dexia-BIL returns to being BIL

Objective: creation of a visual identity anchored in tradition while turned with dynamism to the future – creation of a graphic identity and signage

Target: general public and internal communication


Raiffeisen – savings

Task: Raiffeisen savings options

Objective: encourage clients to save regularly, to recruit new clients, to encourage existing clients to increase their deposits, raise awareness of Raiffeisen as a place to save

Target: clients and potential clients


Chamber of Commerce

Task: Chamber of Commerce’s professional communication to businesses

Objective: promote the labels “Made in Luxembourg” and “Luxembourg”

Target: entrepreneurs



Task: refreshing the graphic style and creating a clear website

Objective: cleaning the graphics and enriching the information with an optimised structure

Target: general public

Visit the site >

RAK Porcelain – new corporate branding

Task: new corporate branding for RAK Porcelain

Objective: develop a new elegant branding that reflects the brand with a top-of-the-range approach.

Target: hotel, restaurant and catering professionals, and general public

Tango Magazine

Task: launch of Tango magazine

Objective: promote Tango offers to generate traffic in sales outlets, creation of Tango graphic guidelines, a printed magazine, subscription recapitulation tables

Target: general public: home delivery and at sales outlets


ING – Commercial banking

Task: ING commercial banking

Objective: promote ING’s full service offering by showing their personality and modernity

Target: ING clients and potential clients


ING – App finger

Task: new ING application

Objective: step out of the ordinary with quirky communication about banking services: launching a fake technological revolution: The App Finger

Target: ING clients and potential clients


Handicap International

Task: reaffirmation of Handicap International’s mission: cleaning up after war to avoid accidents, and helping countries redevelop

Objective: raise awareness of the increasing prevalence of remnants of war and the related dangers in terms of development and human life

Target: general public and politicians


Tango – Roaming 2014

Task: creation of a humorous 360° campaign for the “holiday roaming” offer

Objective: highlighting a summer roaming service for all Tango clients

Target: general public

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