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Premium, the magazine for extraordinary gentlemen

PREMIUM is special not just for its focus on prestigious topics of particular interest to men (watches, cars, sport, fashion, personal and health care, design, travel, technology, architecture…), but also its large format and vibrant lay out.

This high-end magazine is for affluent men who enjoy luxury and are keen to learn about innovations.

magazine Premium

Prestigious events

Premium is also the numerous events that accompany the launch of each magazine. Notably this has included the Watchfair since 2015, a nexus for virtuoso watchmakers, prestigious vehicles, made-to-measure jewellery, and unique artists. This is a day dedicated to the desires of aesthetes and collectors. Excellence is the focus, as the biggest independent creators in the world meet to bring a wide range of luxury, beautiful objects to the fore.

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The Premium team

A tight team of three have an outlet for their passion for the fine objects. They have a desire to share exceptional experiences and products with their readership.

Anne Ciancanelli

Head of Publication / Events

+352 691 644 007

Thanks to her experience in event organisation, Anne heads-up the magazine’s events organisation, and is also an advertising consultant, an editor/writer, and is responsible for producing the magazine.

David Bail

Founder / Creative Director

+352 691 598 720

David is the magazine’s founder, artistic director, and graphic artist. His work is based on his professional experience as an advertising agency creative.

Tara Jakubowski


+33 6 05 26 08 91

After many experiences in sales, Tara has arrived at PREMIUM. She particularly appreciates the contact with people and giving some precious pieces of advice, that’s why Tara chose a position that offers interaction with people. In her constant good mood, she will advise you as well as possible for your presence in the magazine.

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