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360° communication

At ID+P we are fascinated by communication. We will help you understand and reach your audience, however, whenever, and wherever you want.

Our diverse, complementary expertise enables us to meet every challenge in both traditional and digital formats. Our cross-media approach creates memorable, high-impact messaging that will stir your clients’ emotions and intellect.

Your communication strategic partner

We like to develop long-term relationships with all our clients, big or small, because this builds trust. The more we come know you, the more we understand your needs. We listen and work openly with you to create projects that match your identity and communication requirements. In many ways becoming an ID+P client is like joining our team.

Building a relationship

No more prehistoric connections

For the launch of Tango Fibre’s new offer, we devised a fun, quirky 360° campaign. We went time travelling, from prehistory to today, accompanied by a friendly dinosaur.

Have a look

Campagne Tango Fibre
Affiche Tango fibre

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