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Competition #changeUp

Volkswagen Luxembourg wanted to create a buzz about the latest version of its up! model. It launched a competition for owners using the concept “would you swap your old Volkswagen up! for a new one?”

They asked us to organise the competition, and to build a communication plan to promote the initiative amongst prospective clients.

Generating enthusiasm

A personalised mail-shot, using ingenious sliding cards, informed 2,000 VW up! owners about the competition and how to enter. Clients were invited to play the #changeUp game by emailing a photo of their car. This put them in with a chance to swap their old up! for a new one.

VW box change up

Well packaged

This rigid yet light structure was central to our competition and hidden camera theme. Made to measure, its impressive dimensions naturally attracted interest from passers by.


The campaign was driven through Volkswagen Luxembourg’s Facebook page using the #changeUp hashtag. The best photos were selected and posted each week to add dynamism and interest.

Good times with their clients

Many clients took part. The quality and quantity of photos received demonstrated their attachment and loyalty to the up! brand. The candid-camera clips brought a humorous note to the campaign and helped to generate awareness and attachment to the model.

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